Reitit for iPhone

Pasi Kolkkala - Published 28.11.2017 - Updated 13.12.2017
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Reitit (tr. routes) app searches the most convenient methods of traveling with public transport to a specific location. The different methods of transport, transport changes and walking distances are shown flawlessly. Addresses can be saved to favorites from where they are easily re-used. In the metropolitan area, the app also searches for cycling and walking routes that are on tarmac road surfaces.

The app identifies the user's location through the GPS-signal and uses it automatically for the journey planner. The app also identifies when approaching the correct stop and notifies the user to get off beforehand.

Reitit also includes the register of services, from which the metropolitan area's services are found. The map can display all restaurants, sandy beaches, gyms or open WLAN networks. All places are saved into the SQLite database of the app and they are easily found with the search function. In the future new features can be added. For example, adding all ATMs, Alkos and other store locations, as well as the events from city specific open APIs.

The app is no longer available (11/2017).

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