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  • pysakointi-kaapeliaukiolla

    Pysäköinti Kaapeliaukiolla

    Helsingin pysäköintirajapinnasta kerätyn datan pohjalta tehty visualisointi Kaapelitehtaan edessä olevan Kaapelinaukion pysäköintipaikan käyttömääristä.
  • kartta-paljastaa-alueet-joilla-bussi-kulkee-harvoin

    Kartta paljastaa alueet, joilla bussi kulkee harvoin

    Kartta, jossa on kuvattu linja-autojen vuorolukumäärät pääkaupunkiseudun eri alueilla. Mukana on myös ohje, jossa kerrotaan käytetyt rajapinnat sekä työkalut.
  • keltapyora


    "Biking in Helsinki is the best way to move around, especially when sunny, and public bikes are ideal for that. Sometimes you're looking for the closest bike station, sometimes you want a timer to check how much of the 30-mins ride time is left, some times you're looking for a free space, and...
  • paakaupunkiseudun-liikennevalot

    Pääkaupunkiseudun liikennevalot

    Visualisointi pääkaupunkiseudun liikennevaloristeyksien sijainneista.
  • pyorailijamaarat-helsingissa

    Pyöräilijämäärät Helsingissä

    Analyysi, jossa yhdistetään Helsingin pyöräilijämääriä sekä Ilmatieteenlaitoksen avointa säädataa ja analysoidaan pyöräilyn suosion sekä lämpötilan välistä riippuvuutta. "Kuljen kesät talvet työmatkani Espoosta Helsinkiin pyöräillen. Näin syksyn käännyttyä talveksi huomaa jo selvästi...
  • perfekt-city

    Perfekt City

    Perfekt City is a tool for visualizing how different factors affect city development. With the tool, you can take a look at different datasets concerning the city of Helsinki, such as but not limited to bus stop traffic, building information, and OpenAhjo items. The user interface is simple to...
  • trafficsense


    TrafficSense is a service and research platform developed at Aalto University. It learns regular door‐to‐door routes and assists in carrying out these trips by proactively relaying relevant public transport and road traffic disruption information in real-time. The relative use of different means...
  • mapple


    Mapple (My Accessibility Planner) is a map application that makes it easy to explore how you can reach important and interesting places for you by different travel modes. With Mapple you can easily create an interactive map that shows the travel times to a location of your interest and the number...
  • perille


    Perille service combines all public transportation options into one service. Perille combines: all long-distance transportation of Finland & the capital area Tallinn area local transportation The aim is to make trip planning quick and easy. Our objective is to simplify traveling even...
  • pysakointipaikkojen-maara-suhteessa-asukaslukuun

    Pysäköintipaikkojen määrä suhteessa asukaslukuun

    This visualization shows the number of street parking spaces in relation to the number of residents. The results are totally experimental since they are based upon the City of Helsinki's pilot data, which is based on the automatic recognition of street signs. The redder the colour is, the fewer...
  • moovel


    The mobility app for your city moovel is the app that makes getting around the city as easy as 1-2-3. With moovel you hold a travel companion that gives you all the information you need in the palm of your hand. The app provides clear, accurate data for public transit, including bus, train,...
  • lahimmat-lahdot

    Lähimmät lähdöt

    Your nearest public transportation stops and next departures. Works all over Finland. Covers both local and long distance traffic, including trains. The freshly added map view shows you every single stop in the country, along with their upcoming departures. All the way from Utsjoki to Helsinki....
  • missa-helsingissa-pysakoidaan-vaarin

    Missä Helsingissä pysäköidään väärin?

    In which areas of Helsinki do people violate parking regulations? Karttakeskus did a map that visualizes the issued parking tickets in Helsinki from the years 2014 and 2015. The map has been constructed with a beta version of the CARTO Builder, so some browsers may have issues with the map.
  • aineiston-kasittely-datapakettina

    Aineiston käsittely datapakettina

    This showcase is about the packaging of the parking violations in Helsinki dataset into a data package and its further utilization with computing tools. Also read the blog for more information.
  • tahslonlineinfo


    TaHslOnlineInfo displays HSL transport vehicle locations and line data in the selected area, as well as city bike stations free bikes (and empty return places). The information is based HSL's open data.
  • tassa-ovat-vantaan-pahimmat-sakkorysat

    Tässä ovat Vantaan pahimmat sakkorysät

    An article by Vantaan Sanomat newspaper about parking violations in Vantaa.
  • kaupunkifillarit


    This application shows the availability of Helsinki city bikes on a map.
  • cityfillarit


    Helsinki city bikes There are 1400 city bikes (or Alepa bikes) in Helsinki. Our service provides real-time location and availability data for city bikes. Cityfillarit also shows the city bikes of Espoo.
  • helsinki-bikes

    Helsinki Bikes

    Helsinki Bikes is an easy-to-use app that helps you find HSL’s City Bikes around central Helsinki. It shows all the bike stations near you or anywhere on the map with a real-time update of available bikes and free parking spaces in the stations.
  • snowplows-of-helsinki

    Snowplows of Helsinki

    This app shows the recent activity of snowplows in Helsinki. Data comes from Stara's API, which contains only a subset of all plows in use. The idea of this version is to unambiguously show what activities have been performed along a specific route, whereas Sampsa Kuronen's Aurat kartalla...
  • transporter


    Transporter learns from your public transit usage and is able to suggest destinations and give you route results in an automated way. It is built to support the capabilities of the latest APIs, such as Digitransit. The app is designed to give valuable information with minimum user interaction....
  • tripgo


    With TripGo you can plan your ride, check fares & times, bus and train tickets, transit directions, timetables and get live service alerts. One of our best features: Connect your calendar to get automatic trips & leave alerts. Combine local public transit (bus, train, ferry, tram, subway,...
  • visualisointi-helsingin-pyorailijamaarista

    Visualisointi Helsingin pyöräilijämääristä

    The number of cyclists in Helsinki displayed on a map.
  • liikenne-helsingin-niemella-2011-2014

    Liikenne Helsingin niemellä 2011-2014

    The visualization displays the total traffic volume of all vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, buses, motorcycles) as well as trams inside the Helsinki peninsula borders during 2011-2014. The white colour represents inbound traffic and red depicts outbound traffic.