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HaaHaaMap - Published 14.12.2017 - Updated 14.12.2017
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Mapple (My Accessibility Planner) is a map application that makes it easy to explore how you can reach important and interesting places for you by different travel modes. With Mapple you can easily create an interactive map that shows the travel times to a location of your interest and the number of people it reaches e.g. in 30 minutes.

Mapple makes it easy to compare different travel modes to each other (public transport, private car, walking), and download the data of your analysis into your computer for further inspection. Mapple is an ideal tool e.g. for a citizen trying to find a good location for a new home that is close enough to his/her important places, or for an entrepreneur who tries to find a good location for a new store with enough potential customers living close by.

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