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  • hiihtamaan


    Hiihtämään shows cross-country skiing track data for the Greater Helsinki area on the map. The information is based on current data by the City of Helsinki. You can filter skate tracks and illuminated tracks.
  • wechat-myhelsinki

    WeChat MyHelsinki Mini Program

    WeChat-sovelluksen osaksi tehty Helsinki-minisovellus, joka tuo Helsinki-infon lähes miljardin WeChat-käyttäjän saataville. Ensimmäisessä vaiheessa sovellus sisältää tietoa nähtävyyksistä, palveluista, tapahtumista ja liikkumisesta kaupungissa. Mukana on myös muun muassa 360-panoraamakuvia ja...
  • tassa-fi


    26.6.2018 Finland locates shops, services, events and more - anywhere in Finland. Find addresses, opening hours, routes, and keep up with local weather and road conditions.
  • siirtosoitto


    SiirtoSoitto on mobiilisovellus, joka auttaa helsinkiläisiä varautumaan tuleviin kunnossapitotöihin, jotka rajoittavat kadunvarsipysäköintiä. SiirtoSoitto kertoo tulevista puhdistuksista ja muistuttaa rajoitusten voimaantulosta.
  • tuup


    Tuup offers multi-modal daily traveling, including Kyyti on-demand ride service in one app. All mobility options are included urban transit, intercity bus & train, car rental & sharing and city bikes. Kyyti taxi-pooling service is flexible, convenient and affordable.
  • moovel


    The mobility app for your city moovel is the app that makes getting around the city as easy as 1-2-3. With moovel you hold a travel companion that gives you all the information you need in the palm of your hand. The app provides clear, accurate data for public transit, including bus, train,...
  • lahimmat-lahdot

    Lähimmät lähdöt

    Your nearest public transportation stops and next departures. Works all over Finland. Covers both local and long distance traffic, including trains. The freshly added map view shows you every single stop in the country, along with their upcoming departures. All the way from Utsjoki to Helsinki....
  • helsinki-bikes

    Helsinki Bikes

    Helsinki Bikes is an easy-to-use app that helps you find HSL’s City Bikes around central Helsinki. It shows all the bike stations near you or anywhere on the map with a real-time update of available bikes and free parking spaces in the stations.
  • transporter


    Transporter learns from your public transit usage and is able to suggest destinations and give you route results in an automated way. It is built to support the capabilities of the latest APIs, such as Digitransit. The app is designed to give valuable information with minimum user interaction....
  • tripgo


    With TripGo you can plan your ride, check fares & times, bus and train tickets, transit directions, timetables and get live service alerts. One of our best features: Connect your calendar to get automatic trips & leave alerts. Combine local public transit (bus, train, ferry, tram, subway,...
  • eventmore


    Eventmore finds your city’s events fast and easy. Search for interesting events, buy tickets, find the route to the venue and add favorites. You will find festival’s and club’s own channels that offer you an easy way to go through their program and give you most topical news and information....
  • dosa-tracker

    Dösä Tracker

    Based on user location, Dösä Tracker automatically finds the nearest public transport stops, the corresponding public transport lines running through them, their timetables, and the type of transport on the given route (buses, trams, metro, trains) and many more features!
  • bussinavi


    Public transport routes and timetables directly in your pocket! Bussinavi helps you find the next departures quickly and easily. Update 12/2017: The app is currently not available.
  • sporat-kartalla

    Sporat kartalla

    This app shows the real-time positions of HSL's trams in Helsinki. The location accuracy can be a bit inaccurate at times. Simple and easy to use.
  • get-bus

    Get Bus

    Find the nearest bus stops and departures in the Helsinki area. The app will find the 10 nearest stops (using your phone's GPS) and the next departures from those stops. You can easily see how much time you have to get to your bus. The source code is available here. Update 12/2017: The app is no...
  • nearhood


    Nearhood is a new type of local media that forms an online meeting place for city districts, villages, and other communities. The platform gathers information about the local environment from various sources and thus provides a powerful way of staying informed about local activities and...
  • stop-map-helsinki-pysakkiopas

    Stop Map Helsinki: pysäkkiopas

    Stop Map is a visual guide to public transportation in the capital of Finland and its surroundings. It gives you a complete picture of the transit system right at your fingertips. It puts every one of the region's 7,500 stops and stations on a map and tells you which buses, trams, and trains go...
  • routeclock-visuaalinen-reittiopas

    RouteClock: visuaalinen reittiopas

    Routeclock is a quick visual journey planner. It picked up an award from HSL Mobile Competition in May 2011 for best innovation in user interface design. The app offers an intuitive way of picking your destination on the map (there is also a name search and user favorites) and it displays the...
  • pysakit


    "Pysäkit" is an iOS-app that has the public transport timetables of the Greater Helsinki area in one simple package. Choose your stops and you'll see their next departures at a glance. The app has departure times for buses, trams, trains, metros and even the Suomenlinna ferry. Main features:...
  • reitit-v2-0

    Reitit v2.0

    This journey planner app covers the whole of Finland and finds the quickest route to your destination. The app combines information from several data sources. It automatically uses, HSL, or TKL journey planners depending on the situation and always displays the most accurate result. The...
  • blindsquare


    BlindSquare is the World’s Most Popular accessible GPS-app developed for the blind and visually impaired. It describes the environment, announces points of interest and street intersections as you travel. In conjunction with free, third-party navigation apps it is a powerful solution providing...
  • kierratys


    Kierrätys (tr. recycling) is an iPhone and iPad app that locates the nearest recycling points for different types of waste. Geographically, the app covers the whole of Finland. Kierrätys app is no longer available.
  • parkman


    ParkMan is the fastest growing community-based parking app. Join other motorists, parking companies and municipalities who share real-time parking information, and make parking easier, faster and simply better.
  • kyyti


    Kyyti is an iPhone app that shows different transport options in real-time: buses, trams, metro, trains, taxis, ... Kyyti is not available at the moment (11/2013).