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  • rakennettu-helsinki-1721-2030

    Rakennettu Helsinki 1721–2030

    Helsingin rakennukset sävytettyinä rakentamisvuoden mukaan. Klikkaamalla rakennuksia näkee Finnassa olevia kuvia niistä. Rakennusta voi hakea osoitteella tai kaupunginosaa sen nimellä. Olemassa olevat rakennukset perustuvat Helsingin rakennusrekisteriin. Vanhat rakennukset on digitoitu vanhojen...
  • paakaupunkiseudun-rakennusten-ika

    Pääkaupunkiseudun rakennusten ikä

    The map shows the average age of buildings in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area by 250 m * 250 m hexagons.
  • perfekt-city

    Perfekt City

    Perfekt City is a tool for visualizing how different factors affect city development. With the tool, you can take a look at different datasets concerning the city of Helsinki, such as but not limited to bus stop traffic, building information, and OpenAhjo items. The user interface is simple to...
  • expansion-of-helsinki

    Expansion of Helsinki

    Two gif animations that portray the growth of Helsinki over the last 200 years. The first visualization shows the construction of buildings in Helsinki along the years. In the second visualization, the size of the circle represents the total surface area of the buildings in that year.
  • px-web-tilastotietokannasta-power-bi-raportteja

    PX-Web -tilastotietokannasta Power BI -raportteja

    An instruction on how to edit PX-Web data into a visualized report. The data has been downloaded from PX-Web and edited with Power BI Desktop or Excel's Power Query tools. The video shows how to make and publish a simple Power BI visualization report. The Power BI example report has been made...
  • vantaa-by-age-in-google-maps

    Vantaa by Age in Google Maps

    This visualization shows the age of buildings in Vantaa on top of Google Maps.
  • rakennettu-helsinki-1812-2012

    Rakennettu Helsinki 1812–2012

    Rakennettu Helsinki (tr. Built Helsinki) 1812–2012 is a visualization of all the buildings of Helsinki, each colored by the year it was built in. Lighter and yellower is newer. Click on a building to see it on StreetView. You can search for an address or district in the fields below.
  • building-a-metropolis

    Building a Metropolis

    The visualization shows all buildings in Helsinki and Espoo colour coded by age. Attention: Building a Metropolis is no longer available.
  • espoo-by-age-in-google-maps

    Espoo by Age in Google Maps

    This visualization provides the City of Espoo's buildings by age on top of Google Maps.
  • helsinki-by-age-in-google-maps

    Helsinki by Age in Google Maps

    This visualization powered by Google Maps provides the ages of buildings in Helsinki.
  • helsinki-by-age

    Helsinki by Age

    The visualization shows Helsinki's buildings coloured by age. Update 12/2017: Helsinki by Age has visualization has ended.
  • semantic-hri-fi-esimerkkisovelluksia

    28.11.2017 uses data from The aluesarjat PC-axis database contains a variety of tables, which are fetched one at a time according to the topic. makes it possible to search data from multiple topics at once. also contains a map interface. It...