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Juha Lehtiranta, Teemu Meronen, Simo Tuomisto - Published 13.12.2017 - Updated 13.12.2017

  1. 2017-12-13-081353.991977pkmuuttoinfo-310x310.jpg service helps with the decision-making process of moving into or out of the Helsinki Metropolitan area by providing additional information through the clever use of open data. This app gives the opportunity to compare the characteristics and other details of your current home and the potential next home with each other. It also has the ability to compare commuting travel times in the metropolitan area. The app also provides street addresses for local services, such as:

  • grocery stores
  • nurseries, daycare, schools
  • health centers, hospitals, nursing homes

The app also provides information on real estate prices, demographics, and much more!

Used datasets

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