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Homer (Archived)


Antti Aalto, Hannu Arvila, Rainer Kujala, Thomas Miyauchi - Published 13.12.2017 - Updated 13.12.2017

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Homer helps you to find rental housing (accommodation) in areas, in which you might not know to look. The app calculates the total monthly living expenditure by adding monthly commuting costs and travel time to the office. The travel time and prices for commuting are calculated for the following transport methods: walking, cycling, personal car, public transport, and Uber.

Example calculation:

  • 700 €/month rental apartment, half an hour bus ride from the office (50 €/monthly ticket).
  • 700 € + 50 € + 0,5 2 20 * 20 € = 1150 € / month, when hourly rate is 20 €.

Update 12/2017: This app is no longer available.

Used datasets

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