Helsingin kantakaupungin katutilasta 86% on varattu autoille

Koponen/Hildén - Published 30.11.2021 - Updated 30.11.2021
  1. 2021-11-30-111636.186956Helsinginkantakaupunginkatutilasta86onvarattuautoilleJuusoKoponenKoponenHild

Visualization: 86 % of streets of Helsinki city center is reserved for cars.

City center here means neighborhoods 1-27 (without Mustikkamaa-Korkeasaari). All street parts of the register of public areas in the City of Helsinki except paths for riding are calculated. To be precise, 86 % of streets are reserved for motor vehicles including also buses and trams, not only cars. The data does not allow easy separation of bus and tram lanes from all data.

Used datasets

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