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Showcases - Population grid of Helsinki metropolitan area

  • mapple


    Mapple (My Accessibility Planner) is a map application that makes it easy to explore how you can reach important and interesting places for you by different travel modes. With Mapple you can easily create an interactive map that shows the travel times to a location of your interest and the number...
  • pysakointipaikkojen-maara-suhteessa-asukaslukuun

    Pysäköintipaikkojen määrä suhteessa asukaslukuun

    This visualization shows the number of street parking spaces in relation to the number of residents. The results are totally experimental since they are based upon the City of Helsinki's pilot data, which is based on the automatic recognition of street signs. The redder the colour is, the fewer...
  • vaestotietoruudukon-3d-visualisointia

    Väestötietoruudukon 3D-visualisointia

    HSY's population grid data as a 3D-visualization using QGIS and it's QGSI2threejs tool. The background orthophotograph is fetched via API from the National Land Survey of Finland's service.
  • matka-aikakartta


    With Matka-aikakartta (tr. travel time maps) it is possible to see how long it takes to travel from point A to point B with public transport, walking or by bicycle in the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL/HRT) area. You can also check the map how far you can get with one of the aforementioned...
  • presidentinvaalitulokset-paakaupunkiseudulla

    Presidentinvaalitulokset pääkaupunkiseudulla

    A quick MapInfo-map PDF analysis of the results of the second round of the Presidential Elections in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. This visualization was a test of combining Helsingin Sanoma's voting results data with HRI's open data. This is an example of the type of analysis one is able to do...
  • teekkarit-ahtautuvat-otaniemessa-pahimmillaan-keskimaarin-11-nelioon

    Teekkarit ahtautuvat Otaniemessä pahimmillaan keskimäärin 11 neliöön

    Helsingin Sanomien 19.1.2019 julkaistu artikkeli "Teekkarit ahtautuvat Otaniemessä pahimmillaan keskimäärin 11 neliöön – HS:n kotikone näyttää, kuinka ahtaasti asut naapureihisi verrattuna".
  • helsingin-seudun-vaesto-250-metrin-ruuduissa

    Helsingin seudun väestö 250 metrin ruuduissa

    HSY:n avoimen datan pohjalta tehty visualisointi asukasmääristä 250 m x 250 m ruudukossa. Data vuodelta 2018.