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Showcases - Helsinki metropolitan area Service Map APIs

  • oikotie-kotikulmat

    Oikotie Kotikulmat

    The Oikotie Kotikulmat map service shows the most suitable living areas in Helsinki for families with children. The easy to use service provides users with access to real estate listings in the desired areas, transport links, as well as much needed information on available services for families...
  • mapple


    Mapple (My Accessibility Planner) is a map application that makes it easy to explore how you can reach important and interesting places for you by different travel modes. With Mapple you can easily create an interactive map that shows the travel times to a location of your interest and the number...
  • perheenkaupunki


    PerheenKaupunki (tr. Family's City) is a website that gathers family-friendly places, services, and events in the Helsinki Metropolitan area.
  • ulkoliikuntakartta


    The Outdoor Exercise Map is an open communications channel for checking the condition of outdoor sports facilities in Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa. The Outdoor Exercise Map helps the inhabitants of the municipality find up-to-date information on the City’s outdoor sports services. Currently, the...
  • uusi-kannelmaki

    Uusi Kannelmäki

    A map visualization that portrays Kannelmäki - and other areas of Helsinki by combining various open data sources.
  • wifi-helsinki

    WiFi Helsinki

    The perfect application for the moving person visiting - or living - in Helsinki. WiFi Helsinki currently has almost 90 different WiFi spots owned by the city of Helsinki, providing you the best, most stable and reliable WiFi-experience there is to date. The WiFi Helsinki-application offers you...
  • paakaupunkiseudun-palvelukartta

    Pääkaupunkiseudun palvelukartta

    The Service Map is an interactive web application which helps users discover and search for local, physical services available in their city. Included are public municipal services like schools, day care centers and health stations, but also a selection of services produced by other providers....
  • pkmuutto-info

    13.12.2017 service helps with the decision-making process of moving into or out of the Helsinki Metropolitan area by providing additional information through the clever use of open data. This app gives the opportunity to compare the characteristics and other details of your current home and...
  • homer


    Homer helps you to find rental housing (accommodation) in areas, in which you might not know to look. The app calculates the total monthly living expenditure by adding monthly commuting costs and travel time to the office. The travel time and prices for commuting are calculated for the following...
  • avain


    Avain (tr. Key) displays the different opportunities for hobbies and activities on a map for the youths in Helsinki. This application combines available activities from a range of different data sources. The user interface has been designed to be responsive so that it is easily used on...
  • asuntokuume-taalta-loytyy-edullisin-koti-urbaanille-lapsiperheelle

    Asuntokuume: Täältä löytyy edullisin koti urbaanille lapsiperheelle

    The article and its visualizations picture the difference in prices between big and small flats in downtown Helsinki's districts. Additionally, day care centers have been added to the map. The analysis of the data reveals a few surprises, such as that in Kallio big flats are clearly cheaper per...
  • gohelsinki


    GoHelsinki app is targeted for people living in Helsinki as well as tourists. It is a very light weight Helsinki-guide. With the help of the app, it is possible to quickly find different places from metro stations to hospitals and from statues to public restrooms. The user interface of the app is...
  • reitit-v2-0

    Reitit v2.0

    This journey planner app covers the whole of Finland and finds the quickest route to your destination. The app combines information from several data sources. It automatically uses, HSL, or TKL journey planners depending on the situation and always displays the most accurate result. The...
  • nomadi


    Nomadi is a GIS application and its purpose is to create interesting routes for the user to go see by combining different information sources. This way the user is able to delve into different types of GIS data with the same interface. Users are able to create their own routes with the app and to...
  • opentraveltime


    OpenTravelTime is an Open Source journey planner web application created using the Django web programming framework. You can participate in its development, use it as a starting point for your own Reittiopas or API related projects, or just have a look at the source code as an example of...
  • blindsquare


    BlindSquare is the World’s Most Popular accessible GPS-app developed for the blind and visually impaired. It describes the environment, announces points of interest and street intersections as you travel. In conjunction with free, third-party navigation apps it is a powerful solution providing...
  • matka-aikakartta


    With Matka-aikakartta (tr. travel time maps) it is possible to see how long it takes to travel from point A to point B with public transport, walking or by bicycle in the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL/HRT) area. You can also check the map how far you can get with one of the aforementioned...
  • spot-in-helsinki

    Spot in Helsinki

    Public transport routes and information about 700+ attractions and 450 events in Helsinki and around in English, Finnish and Swedish. It also features: Geolocation Favourites Add your own places Big pictures of the main attractions of the city Content provided by the Helsinki City Tourist and...
  • helsingin-pysakointilippuautomaatit

    Helsingin pysäköintilippuautomaatit

    The visualization displays all parking meters operated by the City of Helsinki. Every parking meter contains details about the payment zone, maximum parking time for the specific zone, as well as if credit cards are accepted as a payment method.
  • hataopas


    Hätäopas (tr. emergency guide) is intended for mobile / web use and it enables to search for the nearest doctor / health-care centre, pharmacy or public restroom. It automatically locates the user (or you can enter an address manually) and displays the nearest service points as well as their...
  • reitit-for-iphone

    Reitit for iPhone

    Reitit (tr. routes) app searches the most convenient methods of traveling with public transport to a specific location. The different methods of transport, transport changes and walking distances are shown flawlessly. Addresses can be saved to favorites from where they are easily re-used. In the...
  • yksinkertaisempi-palvelukartta

    Yksinkertaisempi palvelukartta

    This application is a different take on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Service Map. This app includes a simple drop-down navigation menu, from which services can be chosen from. The app uses the user's browser location.
  • helmet-viivakoodinlukija

    HelMet Viivakoodinlukija

    HelMet bar code reader was an Android app, with which you could scan a book's bar code and find the nearest library where the books is available. The app uses open data from the HelMet-libraries and the Helsinki Metropolitan area Service Map REST-API. Attention: The app is not available anymore...
  • espoon-kotikatuportaali

    Espoon Kotikatuportaali

    Espoon Kotikatuportaalin tarkoituksena on kertoa kartalla asukkaille olennaisia rakennus-, kaavoitus- ja liikennetietoja. Käyttäjä voi tarkastella kartalla kohdennetusti juuri omaa kotikatuaan ja sen lähiympäristöä.
  • meriopas


    Onko venematkan varrella kiinnostavia vierailukohteita? Missä ovat lähimmät vierasvenesatamat? Millaisessa säässä tänään purjehditaan? Onkohan mökkirannan lähellä havaittu sinilevää? vastaa muun muassa näihin kysymyksiin. on merellä liikkujan kartta, joka on tarkoitettu...
  • hiihtamaan


    Hiihtämään shows cross-country skiing track data for the Greater Helsinki area on the map. The information is based on current data by the City of Helsinki. You can filter skate tracks and illuminated tracks.
  • leikkipuistot-helsinki

    Leikkipuistot Helsinki

    Näet kätevästi kaikki Helsingin leikkipuistot ja oman sijaintisi mobiililaitteella. Klikkaamalla kohdetta näet puistokohtaiset tarkemmat tiedot ja esimerkiksi linkin kesäruokalistaan. Voit merkitä omat suosikkisi ja "valloittaa" kaikki Helsingin yli 60 leikkipuistoa. Leikkipuistot Helsinki...
  • julkinen-taide-helsingissa

    Julkinen taide Helsingissä

    Helsingin julkiset taideteokset sekä tietoja ja kuvia niistä kartalla. Lähdekoodi on avointa ja löytyy GitHubista.