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Showcases - Traffic Volumes in Helsinki

  • liikenne-helsingin-niemella-2011-2014

    Liikenne Helsingin niemellä 2011-2014

    The visualization displays the total traffic volume of all vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, buses, motorcycles) as well as trams inside the Helsinki peninsula borders during 2011-2014. The white colour represents inbound traffic and red depicts outbound traffic.
  • helsingin-liikennemaarat

    Helsingin liikennemäärät

    This visualization displays an Excel Power Map powered animation of the traffic volumes in Helsinki.
  • liikennemaarien-visualisointi

    Liikennemäärien visualisointi

    Helsinki's traffic volume visualized on Google Earth. Every monitoring point is visualized by two pillars, from which the left one represents outbound traffic from the city and the right one inbound traffic towards the city. By using Google Earth's time slider it is possible to see how traffic...
  • helsinkirafficorecast

    Helsinki Traffic Forecast

    Helsinki Traffic Forecast is a platform used to analyze and predict traffic patterns in Helsinki. It uses open data provided by Helsinki Region Infoshare and National Land Survey of Finland. Using this tool, traffic patterns in Helsinki area can be inspected and analyzed. The data is accessible...