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Showcases - Buildings in Helsinki

  • paakaupunkiseudun-rakennusten-ika

    Pääkaupunkiseudun rakennusten ikä

    The map shows the average age of buildings in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area by 250 m * 250 m hexagons.
  • perfekt-city

    Perfekt City

    Perfekt City is a tool for visualizing how different factors affect city development. With the tool, you can take a look at different datasets concerning the city of Helsinki, such as but not limited to bus stop traffic, building information, and OpenAhjo items. The user interface is simple to...
  • expansion-of-helsinki

    Expansion of Helsinki

    Two gif animations that portray the growth of Helsinki over the last 200 years. The first visualization shows the construction of buildings in Helsinki along the years. In the second visualization, the size of the circle represents the total surface area of the buildings in that year.
  • kattohukka


    Kattohukka on Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelujen (HSY) tuottama palvelu, jonka avulla voi tarkastella helsinkiläisten rakennusten katon kautta poistuvaa hukkalämpöä.
  • sustainability-map

    Sustainability Map

    The map displays areas where actions are required in order to save environmental resources.