Welcome to explore cube-shaped Helsinki

Even though physical movement is more restricted during the coronavirus epidemic, it is now possible to explore Helsinki virtually in a three-dimensional Minecraft world. Minecraft is a popular open, cube-based game world, where the players can now delve into building, for example, the most functional city in the world. Minecraft-Helsinki3D+ covers the city centre area from Katajanokka to Kamppi and from Kruununhaka all the way to the southern tip of Ullanlinna.

Minecraft Helsinki3D+ has been produced from city model and geographic datasets, which are also available as open data. In minecrafted Helsinki, the edge of one cube equals one metre in reality.

Näkymä Esplanadilta kaupungintalolle ja merelle päin Minecraft-Helsinki3D+-mallissa.
Esplanadi in Minecraft Helsinki3D+.

Build, explore, observe – only imagination is the limit in Minecraft Helsinki

Especially for youngsters and schoolchildren, the Minecraft Helsinki world offers a familiar operating environment in education, which activates young people through experiments into insights. What could be built on the Market Square or elsewhere in the familiar surroundings of the South Harbour? Or what would the dream city oasis be like? How about a remote picnic in virtual Ullanlinna?

“As the coronavirus era restricts physical movement, we wanted to offer enjoyment to both old and new Minecraft players, who are now staying home a lot, and make the Helsinki world into a game setting. The game world offers almost unlimited possibilities: the game is a virtual connection to the city and, if used correctly, very useful for both social interaction and teaching. Welcome to hang out with friends in Minecraft Helsinki and build a dream city together!”, rejoices City Model Specialist Enni Airaksinen, who has participated in the creation of the Minecraft-Helsinki3D+ world.

Uspenskin katedraali lähiympäristöineen Minecraft-Helsinki3D+-mallissa.
Uspenski Cathedral in Minecraft Helsinki3D+.

Due to its versatility, Minecraft is suitable for players of all ages. In Minecraft, the player can explore and shape complete worlds, modelled after real cities and many kinds of imaginary utopias. The objectives of the Minecraft game are related to both entertainment and education: the game world makes the player think creatively, test ideas in practice and make them visible.

Text: Tero Lahti