Seek funding for the realisation of your open data ideas

The third instalment of the Datademo project is distributing micro funding for the development of new apps through a transparent idea search and selection process. The resulting apps must utilise open data and be of benefit to citizens.

Joonas Pekkanen. Photo: Daniel Schildt.

The third and final round of submitting ideas started on Friday, the 19th of September 2014. The application period for ideas is open until Monday the 6th of October 2014. The final micro funding decisions will be revealed no later than on the 17th of October 2014. Participants can register their ideas at

Participation in the Datademo event is open to everyone with ideas for utilising open data as long as the end results promote democracy. It is also possible to participate in English; the ideas and end results should be in Finnish or English. Ideas for the HRI-category must focus on utilising open data from Helsinki or the Helsinki region, which can be found from the HRI service.

”Results can vary from apps to visualisations, which ease the retrieval of information regarding the city’s plans, decisions or operations,” explains Tanja Lahti from Helsinki Region Infoshare.

The Datademo project is offering eight 2000 euro micro funding packages, which are awarded to the participants with the best proposals. The money is distributed to the participants upfront in good faith; even before the end results are finished.

The Datademo project is run by OKFFI, an organization that promotes and facilitates open knowledge and democracy. The financiers are the Helsinki Region Infoshare service that facilitates open data for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area as well as the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Altogether, during all three rounds of Datademo, a total of 48 000 euros will be distributed amongst all participants.

Come listen to further information and participate in developing ideas at the Helsinki loves developers -developer meeting, which is held on Tuesday the 30th of September from 16:30 – 18.30 at Lasipalatsi (main meeting point). More information is available at

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