New brochure about open data usage in Helsinki Region

Helsinki Region Infoshare service provides open data for researchers, journalists, data nerds, humanists, civil servants, business developers, tourists, neighbourhood activists, historians, statisticians, artificial intelligence, citizens, event organizers, hands-on makers, traffic planners, entrepreneurs, coders, curious people – for all of us. But which kind of data is available and how that data has been utilized?

HRI service has created together with Tarinatakomo and Kuulitko Design a brochure, which shows some useful open data sets as well as interesting use cases based on the open data regarding the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

You can download the brochure on the HRI website as pdf file. You can use the brochure freely according to Creative Commons BY 4.0 license. The brochure is available also in Finnish.

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The brochure presents some of the most interesting open data sets and use cases.