Helsinki Loves Developers: Digital Twin for Developers

Visual 3D models are being deployed in smart cities around the world. While earlier the motivation was mostly on visualizing the buildings, the latest developments will turn the 3D models into a rich source of information related to the urban landscape and built environment.

Kuvituskuva Helsinki Loves Developers -tapahtumaan liittyen.
Welcome to Helsinki Loves Developers meetup Digital Twin for Developers on November 18th.

This Helsinki Loves Developers meetup is a part of webinar series FinEst Twins Digital Twin Masterclass 2020 organized by Forum Virium Helsinki (more info here). The webinar series is a masterclass of smart city digital twins, presented by top experts in the field and supported with state of the art showcases from around the world. One of the goals of the FinEst Twins project is to develop the Digital Twins of Helsinki and Tallinn as joint effort. The work also supports the urban research done in Aalto University and TalTech.

Helsinki Loves Developers: Digital Twin for Developers is organized online on Wednesday 18th of November from 15.00 to 18.00. The event provides technical introduction to two new elements of the digital twin development: The OGC API for Features that is replacing the WFS API and CityJSON, that is a developer-friendly encoding of the CityGML data model. Registration to the event is now open and can be found here.