Helsinki Loves Developers: Boosting energy transition

Helsinki aims to be carbon-neutral in 2035 – in practise this means a huge energy transition in coming years! The change requires appropriate data in order to understand consumption habits, make changes and create sustainable solutions. Helsinki has lots of useful data, e.g. buildings and energy consumption. These are also available for you as open data via service.

Advert for Helsinki Loves Developers meetup. On the background, there's the Helsinki Cathedral.
Welcome to Helsinki Loves Developers – Boosting energy transition meetup on 22nd of May 2019!

But which kind of energy and environmental data is available? And how to utilise this data e.g. in data analytics or in creating digital services for housing companies, decision-makers etc.? Helsinki encourages you to create solutions and get benefits out of open data! Welcome to Helsinki Loves Developers event on 22nd May at 3 pm to learn more, network, contribute and co-create solutions to boost energy transition!

More information and registration in Facebook or MeetUp.

This event is open for everyone and free of charge. The event will be held in English but some presentations and discussions can also be held in Finnish if needed.

The presentations will be live-streamed on the Helsinki-kanava website.