Artificial intelligence and open data could help to improve the energy-efficiency of buildings

The City of Helsinki was one of the challenge setters in the 10 days 100 Challenges Open Innovation Program in June. The City of Helsinki encouraged the participants to create a solution based on open data to proactively reduce the energy consumption of buildings. The Innovation Program included several challenges provided by different organizations. The program was organized by the Universities of Applied Sciences in the Helsinki Region and attracted over one hundred participants.

Sari Yli-Koivisto and Prajan Shrestha from Visio 2035 – Energy goes AI team presenting their solutions.

The City of Helsinki encouraged the participants of the Innovation Program to create a tool or a concept of a tool to reduce the energy consumption of the buildings owned by the City of Helsinki in a proactive way. The energy consumption data of the buildings in Helsinki is available as open data – this data contains the real energy consumption data regarding the city-owned housing and the calculative information regarding the other buildings in Helsinki.

A multi-talented and international team, Visio 2035 – Energy goes AI, took up the Helsinki challenge. They tried to solve the challenge by approaching it from different points of view and shared their findings and useful tools which could help to understand the energy consumption data in a better way. More information on the team´s blog:

Environmental Planner Petteri Huuska from the City of Helsinki comments: ”The concepts created in the Program gave us new ideas to utilize 3D energy consumption data with AI and visualisation tools. However we understood that we should open up much more data in order to create and implement the best solutions in practice.”

Thanks to the team´s good work, the team will be presenting their ideas for the experts of the City of Helsinki, Helsingin Kaupungin Asunnot Oy and Forum Virium Helsinki in August. In addition all the students taking part in the challenge got ECTS credits for completing the course.

More information about the Innovation Program: