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Submit a showcase

By filling this form you can submit your open-data showcase to be published on this website. Fill in at least the desired title of your showcase and leave your contact information. The site adminstrator will contact you for further information after a few days.

You can use Markdown formatting here
You can use Markdown formatting here
You can use Markdown formatting here
Can be a person's name or the name of the organization which has developed the showcase.
The original source url or a website dedicated for the showcase
Type in separately every platform that the showcase supports. First type the name of the platform and press enter to select it. You can remove platforms by clicking the remove icon before the platform name or remove the last one with backspace.
Enter at least one url to the showcase in platform specific application stores (e.g. Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows App Store)

Showcase images

Upload or provide a link for up to three images which will be presented in the showcase info page.

Upload or provide a link to an icon image file. This image will be shown as the icon for the showcase.
Upload or provide a link to an image file which will be shown elsewhere in the site as an advert for the showcase.

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