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  • tutki-hankintoja

    Tutki hankintoja

    The service provides citizens and companies with the opportunity to look for information on state and municipal procurement. Citizens are provided with information on the purchases made by the state and Finnish municipalities as well as how public funds are being spent. For...
  • handata


    Tietoja useiden kuntien ostoista sekä kilpailutetuista hankinnoista.
  • kuntien-ostot-2

    Kuntien ostot

    This visualization is a dashboard of the procurements of the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, and Kauniainen.
  • espoon-ostolaskut-2012-2015

    Espoon ostolaskut 2012-2015

    This is a visualization of the procurements of the City of Espoo from the years 2012-2015. Purchases can be searched and filtered by the vendor, division, cost center, or by bookkeeping account. The data covers about 2,3 million rows of procurement events, condensed into one interactive...
  • vantaan-kaupungin-ostot-2012

    Vantaan kaupungin ostot 2012

    This visualization shows the procurements of the year 2012 of the City of Vantaa. If you filter some expenses away, the visualization updates itself according to the situation.
  • espoon-kaupungin-ostot-2012

    Espoon kaupungin ostot 2012

    This visualization displays the City of Espoo procurements from the year 2012. From the information, displayed are the amount in Euros (€) and vendor.
  • helsingin-kaupungin-ostot-2012-2013

    Helsingin kaupungin ostot 2012-2013

    A visualization by Diagonal Oy displaying the 2012-2013 procurements of the City of Helsinki.
  • kuntien-ostot

    Kuntien ostot

    Browser app that fetches procurement data from the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa beginning from the year 2012. Search parameters are visible and are read from the URL so that it is possible to link specific searches. Searches can also be shared via Twitter.
  • helsingin-kaupungin-ostot-2012-13

    Helsingin kaupungin ostot 2012-13

    An article and visualization of the City of Helsinki procurements by Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.
  • helsingin-kaupungin-ostot-visualisointi

    Helsingin kaupungin ostot -visualisointi

    This visualization displays the City of Helsinki's procurements from 2012-2013 according to organization, partner group and cost type. Update 12/2017: The visualization is no longer available.