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"Leave feedback for the City of Helsinki to fix problems you encounter. The application is currently in Finnish only."


"Biking in Helsinki is the best way to move around, especially when sunny, and public bikes are ideal for that. Sometimes you're looking for the closest bike station, sometimes you want a timer to check how much of the 30-mins ride time is left, some times you're looking for a free space, and...


Kattohukka on Helsingin Seudun Ympäristöpalvelujen (HSY) tuottama palvelu, jonka avulla voi tarkastella helsinkiläisten rakennusten katon kautta poistuvaa hukkalämpöä.


Tietoja useiden kuntien ostoista sekä kilpailutetuista hankinnoista.

7 showcases found

  • mihin-perustaisin-kahvilan

    Mihin perustaisin kahvilan?

    Lately, there has been a growing amount of conversation about how location information can help in planning new office locations for companies. Geographic information specialist Faris Alsuhail tries to open up this topic with his blog and a practical example – how to figure out the ideal location...
  • aineiston-kasittely-datapakettina

    Aineiston käsittely datapakettina

    This showcase is about the packaging of the parking violations in Helsinki dataset into a data package and its further utilization with computing tools. Also read the blog for more information.
  • aurora-spotter-helsinki

    Aurora Spotter Helsinki

    Where can you watch aurora borealis in Helsinki? Source datasets: NLS 2015 Helsinki City Survey Division 2015 Natural Resources Institute Finland 2015 HSY 2015 HSL 2015
  • google-fusion-tables-tutoriaali

    Google Fusion Tables -tutoriaali

    A step by step tutorial equipped with screenshots guiding the user in how to transform traffic accident data into a traffic accident map. Tutorial synopsis: Open data retrieval from Converting of data into Google Fusion's accepted KML format Bringing the data into Google Fusion Table...
  • suomalainen-datawiki

    Suomalainen Datawiki

    Datawiki offers a centralised data catalogue. It has detailed examples of handling domestic open data with modern computational languages and active community driven support. The focus is on the most central domestic open data sources. The R-programming language and Python environments offer...
  • wandora-tietamyseditori-ja-julkaisuohjelmisto

    Wandora – Tietämyseditori ja julkaisuohjelmisto

    Wandora is a general purpose information extraction, aggregation, management, and publishing application based on Topic Maps and Java. Wandora has graphical user interface, layered presentation of knowledge, several data storage options, huge collection of data extraction, import and export...
  • sorvi-avoimen-datan-tyokalupakki-r-kielelle

    soRvi- avoimen datan työkalupakki R-kielelle

    The availability of computational tools for open data has been a bottle neck, limiting their wider use. This R-package aims to fix the bottle neck by offering a centered collection of general tools for working with data available through Open APIs. It is possible to search, clean, combine, mine...