Pietari Niinimäki - Published 7.3.2022 - Updated 8.12.2022
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Helsinki 3D Cityloader

The Helsinki 3D Cityloader makes it easy to 3D print Helsinki with incredible quality. Using it you can download ready-to-print 3D models of Helsinki just by cropping the desired area on a map. By using the Windows version, you can also use it to download unprocessed and textured city model in the .obj format.


You could print the model at a library. Read more at:

You can 3D print at these libraries in Helsinki:



  1. Install Blender from the Microsoft Store (this step is important, even if you have already downloaded Blender from some other source).

  2. Download file by clicking this link:

  3. Unzip the file.

  4. Run Cityloader.exe. Your computer might warn the program to be from an unknown publisher.


  1. Install Blender. Make sure Blender is added to PATH.

  2. Download file LINUX_Helsinki3D-cityloader_old.tar.gz by clicking this link:

  3. Unpack the LINUX_Helsinki3D-cityloader_old.tar.gz file.

  4. Run Cityloader. If it doesn’t start, make sure it has the permissions to execute.

Used datasets

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