Ilmakuvat paljastavat kaaren vuodelta 1926

Helsingin Sanomat - Published 27.6.2022 - Updated 27.6.2022
  1. 2022-06-27-075831.916759HSkapylaraviratakansi.jpg
  2. 2022-06-27-075831.990664HSkapylaraviratailmakuva.jpg
  3. 2022-06-27-075832.082800HSkapylaraviratailmakuva2.jpg

Article in the biggest Finnish newspaper about location of sports facilities in Käpylä. Earlier, from 1926 onwards, on that exact place was a racecourse. Historical ortophotographs from Helsinki have been used in the article for visual analysis. Published in 26.6.2022.

Used datasets

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