Ihana Helsinki! (Archived)

Atte Hinkka, Jaakko Nygren, Timo Lehto, Tuomas Husu, Youssef El-Khouri - Published 29.11.2017 - Updated 11.12.2017
  1. 2017-11-29-114953.905461ihanahelsinkivideocapture-310x172.png

Ihana Helsinki! (tr. Wonderful Helsinki!) is a context conscious augmented reality mobile city guide that tells the user about events in their near vicinity and encourages to participate in them.

The app displays a magical binocular view on an Android device screen, which is linked to the camera picture of the device. Near events and their information is then displayed on the screen in an understandable way. The app can also guide the user to the event.

The app is no longer available.

Used datasets

There are no datasets in this showcase

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