Ilkka Pirttimaa - Published 30.11.2017 - Updated 11.12.2017
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BlindSquare is the World’s Most Popular accessible GPS-app developed for the blind and visually impaired. It describes the environment, announces points of interest and street intersections as you travel. In conjunction with free, third-party navigation apps it is a powerful solution providing most of the information blind and visually impaired people need to travel independently. Your safety is our highest priority. BlindSquare is self-voicing, announcing points of interest, intersections and user-defined points through a dedicated speech synthesizer. The most important BlindSquare functions can be accessed through an audio menu via any headset or speaker that supports Apple’s music controller. This means you don’t need to touch the screen of your phone looking for tiny buttons when you travel with BlindSquare, because many functions can be activated using the physical buttons of your headset or bluetooth speaker. If you are blind or visually impaired, BlindSquare is your safe, reliable, and accessible GPS-solution.

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