Geosaaga Oy - Published 29.11.2017 - Updated 11.12.2017
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Ajoissa (tr. on time) app's first version is made for train passengers. The app shows what portion of the commuter and long-distance trains are on time. From the station specific view it is possible to monitor every station's train traffic. The app also includes notifications from VR's traffic bulletins.

For regular train passengers (eg. commuters), the app tries to help by sending automatic notifications in case of delays. From the notifications it is possible to read more detailed information regarding the traffic situation and to consider alternative transportation options. It is possible to turn the notifications off.

The app has been developed by Geosaaga Oy. It uses VR's APIs, which are still under development and it may affect the performance and usability of the app. In sticky situations, it may be better to rely on VR's official services.

Ajoissa is available for Android and iOS.

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