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Showcases - Traffic Accidents in Helsinki

  • onnettomuudet-helsingissa

    Onnettomuudet Helsingissä

    The map visualizes traffic accidents that happened in Helsinki. It is possible to filter accidents by year, by the weaker party, as well as by the severity of the accident. As a display method, the user can choose between traditional points on the map and a heat map. The information is based on...
  • heatmaps4finland


    Heatmaps4Finland is a handy web application visualizing Finnish open data as heatmaps on Google Maps. Simply choose one of the available visualization types and pick a location to create a detailed heatmap for the region. If you discover something interesting, share the heatmap with your friends!
  • google-fusion-tables-tutoriaali

    Google Fusion Tables -tutoriaali

    A step by step tutorial equipped with screenshots guiding the user in how to transform traffic accident data into a traffic accident map. Tutorial synopsis: Open data retrieval from Converting of data into Google Fusion's accepted KML format Bringing the data into Google Fusion Table...
  • liikenneonnettomuuksien-tiheys-lampokarttana

    Liikenneonnettomuuksien tiheys lämpökarttana

    Yearly, there are so many traffic accidents in Helsinki that a map-based visualization of the scenes of accidents is not sufficient enough to see the bigger picture. There's been at least one accident in almost every crossing or intersection, so the map fills up with points on top of each other...
  • helsingin-vaarallisimmat-risteykset

    Helsingin vaarallisimmat risteykset

    An article from Helsingin Sanoma's newspaper (Teppo Moisio HS 23.12.2011). The web version included an interactive map made with Google Fusion Tables.
  • helsingin-liikenneonnettomuudet

    Helsingin liikenneonnettomuudet

    This visualization of traffic accidents in Helsinki during 2000-2010 was made by Lauri Vanhala and published in the Suomen Kuvalehti magazine. The accidents were classified according to the weakest party. ´ The data used was from the City of Helsinki's traffic accident register, which is based...
  • missa-helsingissa-rysahtaa

    Missä Helsingissä rysähtää?

    Traffic accidents in Helsinki 2000-2010 on a map. Accidents can be filtered by type and it is possible to leave comments. Scenes of accidents include satellite and street views.