Amount of solar radiant energy on the roofs in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Map data that shows the amount of solar radiant energy calculated on the roofs of buildings in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The solar radiant energy has been modelled on roofs in pixels of 50 cm (kWh/m2/year) with the help of point cloud data from cities. The point cloud data dates from 2013 for Espoo, from 2012 for Vantaa, and from 2008–2013 for Helsinki. The modelling takes into account direct and cloud-reflected radiation, the shape and direction of the roof, shade from buildings and trees, as well as the position of the sun at different times of the day and seasons of the year.

The data was completed in the Decumanus project and was produced by Eurosense, a Belgian geographic information services company participating in the project.

The data has been published in HSY’s open data map service, where it can be viewed. The data cannot be downloaded from the service, but it can be accessed from a wms-, or wfs-api.

If necessary, you can also inquire about the data by email: avoindata (at)

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Administrator Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut HSY
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Published 08.03.2018
Updated 08.03.2018
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Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
How to reference Source: Amount of solar radiant energy on the roofs in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The maintainer of the dataset is Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut HSY. The dataset has been downloaded from Helsinki Region Infoshare service on 26.09.2021 under the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
CC-BY-4.0 [Open Data]

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