HRI Loves Developers

Open data as a starting point for open dialogue, new insights and innovations!

The benefits of open data cannot be realised unless the data is put into use. Cities of Helsinki Metropolitan Area provide an increasing amount of public data as open data. These cities are also engaging in open dialogue with the community in order to harness the potential of open data.

HRI Loves Developers, HRI<3Dev, is one great concept to enhance open dialogue and developer cooperation. The idea of HRI<3Dev is to provide an open platform and meetups for discussion and co-creation. The HRI<3Dev concept was created by the City of Helsinki and Forum Virium Helsinki in 2012.

The open data advocates of City of Helsinki organize regular HRI Loves Developers meetings remotely or in the heart of Helsinki. Anyone who is interested in participating is warmly welcome to join the meetings. Together we can create smarter cities to live and work in! All the meetings have specific themes with expert presentations and demos.

HRI Loves Developers meetings take place in Helsinki city centre 4-5 times per year. More information in Facebook group Helsinki Loves Developers. Welcome!