HSL Beacon API can be used to fetch a list of Bluetooth beacons that have been installed to stops and vehicles in HSL area. Beacon data can be combined with data from journey planner and realtime APIs for example to detect which vehicle the user is onboard.


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Administrator Helsingin seudun liikenne HSL
Administrator's webpage http://dev.hsl.fi/
Published 31.10.2019
Update frequency
More information
  1. https://www.hsl.fi/avoindata
  2. https://hsldevcom.github.io/beacon_api/
Geographical coverage
Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
How to reference Source: HSL Beacon API. The maintainer of the dataset is Helsingin seudun liikenne HSL. The dataset has been downloaded from Helsinki Region Infoshare service on 26.09.2021 under the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
CC-BY-4.0 [Open Data]

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