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  • ajoissa


    Ajoissa (tr. on time) app's first version is made for train passengers. The app shows what portion of the commuter and long-distance trains are on time. From the station specific view it is possible to monitor every station's train traffic. The app also includes notifications from VR's traffic...
  • puhelutiedot


    Puhelutiedot (tr. call information) is an Android app, which fetches unknown callers contact details from open databases, such as City of Helsinki's and the government's contact information directory (JULHA) databases. The app also identifies some telemarketers by the used telephone numbers. This...
  • reitit-for-iphone

    Reitit for iPhone

    Reitit (tr. routes) app searches the most convenient methods of traveling with public transport to a specific location. The different methods of transport, transport changes and walking distances are shown flawlessly. Addresses can be saved to favorites from where they are easily re-used. In the...
  • reittigps


    ReittiGPS helps Helsinki Metropolitan area public transport passengers to plan their journeys. The app uses the GPS-tracker in your smartphone and the Reittiopas service's open API to find the fastest route from point A to B. The app has been developed by Essentia Solutions. Have a look at their...