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Helsinki trees and areas

Helsingin puistot ja puut kartalla. Blogikirjoitus Helsingin kaupungin puurekisterin analysoimisesta R-kielellä:

Leikkipuistot Helsinki

Näet kätevästi kaikki Helsingin leikkipuistot ja oman sijaintisi mobiililaitteella. Klikkaamalla kohdetta näet puistokohtaiset tarkemmat tiedot ja esimerkiksi linkin kesäruokalistaan. Voit merkitä omat suosikkisi ja "valloittaa" kaikki Helsingin yli 60 leikkipuistoa. Leikkipuistot Helsinki...

Helsingin puut

Visualisointi, jolla voi tarkastella Helsingin kaupungin puurekisterin tietoja ilmakuvan päällä. Lisätietoa ja ohjeet visualisoinnin tekemiseen:


"Leave feedback for the City of Helsinki to fix problems you encounter. The application is currently in Finnish only."

234 showcases found

  • helsingin-liikenneonnettomuudet

    Helsingin liikenneonnettomuudet

    This visualization of traffic accidents in Helsinki during 2000-2010 was made by Lauri Vanhala and published in the Suomen Kuvalehti magazine. The accidents were classified according to the weakest party. ´ The data used was from the City of Helsinki's traffic accident register, which is based...
  • paakaupunkiseudun-4d-vaestokehitys

    Pääkaupunkiseudun 4D-väestökehitys

    The visualizations portray the Helsinki Metropolitan area's population growth in three- or even four-dimensionally. With the browser, it is possible to move through the three-dimensional interactive map and freely choose the viewing angle. The population growth trend can be inspected for...
  • hataopas


    Hätäopas (tr. emergency guide) is intended for mobile / web use and it enables to search for the nearest doctor / health-care centre, pharmacy or public restroom. It automatically locates the user (or you can enter an address manually) and displays the nearest service points as well as their...
  • helmet-kategoriahaku


    This visualization displays the HelMet-libraries' books by library classification in a tree structure. The colours represent the number of books in different categories. Alongside the library classification, there is information on the library code and the number of books under the HelMet library...
  • reitit-for-iphone

    Reitit for iPhone

    Reitit (tr. routes) app searches the most convenient methods of traveling with public transport to a specific location. The different methods of transport, transport changes and walking distances are shown flawlessly. Addresses can be saved to favorites from where they are easily re-used. In the...
  • busbus


    Busbus is a visual analytic tool for examining bus traffic data. In the visualization, the metropolitan bus route data has been combined with 24 hours worth of ticket sales and bus ticket data. The visualization displays geographic, time, amount and quality correlations between the metropolitan...
  • wandora-tietamyseditori-ja-julkaisuohjelmisto

    Wandora – Tietämyseditori ja julkaisuohjelmisto

    Wandora is a general purpose information extraction, aggregation, management, and publishing application based on Topic Maps and Java. Wandora has graphical user interface, layered presentation of knowledge, several data storage options, huge collection of data extraction, import and export...
  • yksinkertaisempi-palvelukartta

    Yksinkertaisempi palvelukartta

    This application is a different take on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Service Map. This app includes a simple drop-down navigation menu, from which services can be chosen from. The app uses the user's browser location.
  • sorvi-avoimen-datan-tyokalupakki-r-kielelle

    soRvi- avoimen datan työkalupakki R-kielelle

    The availability of computational tools for open data has been a bottle neck, limiting their wider use. This R-package aims to fix the bottle neck by offering a centered collection of general tools for working with data available through Open APIs. It is possible to search, clean, combine, mine...
  • helsinki-public-transport-visualized

    Helsinki Public Transport Visualized

    The visualization provides a birds-eye view on how the Helsinki Metropolitan area's public transport awakens to a new morning. Individual points of light start moving towards the city center already early in the morning. During rush hour, they start to form solid currents, from which the routes...
  • interaktiiviset-visualisoinnit-kaupunkidatalla

    Interaktiiviset visualisoinnit kaupunkidatalla

    With the visualization, it is possible to examine Helsinki Metropolitan area data on a map with the help of Google Motion chart. The user can choose which areas and phenomenon to examine. The maintenance of the visualization ended in 2013.
  • espoo-alueittain-2011-profiilisivut

    Espoo alueittain 2011 profiilisivut

    Espoo alueittain 2011 (tr. Espoo by areas 2011) publication contains an Excel-application with which it is possible to compare different areas in Espoo. The app draws graphs from pivot tables relating to the population, housing and employment.
  • helmet-viivakoodinlukija

    HelMet Viivakoodinlukija

    HelMet bar code reader was an Android app, with which you could scan a book's bar code and find the nearest library where the books is available. The app uses open data from the HelMet-libraries and the Helsinki Metropolitan area Service Map REST-API. Attention: The app is not available anymore...
  • reittigps


    ReittiGPS helps Helsinki Metropolitan area public transport passengers to plan their journeys. The app uses the GPS-tracker in your smartphone and the Reittiopas service's open API to find the fastest route from point A to B. The app has been developed by Essentia Solutions. Have a look at their...
  • hilmappi


    Hilmappi makes it easier to track submitted tenders in the government's HILMA system. Hilmappi is an interesting example of monetizing free public data because the premium features require a payment. The service was developed by Gemilo but since its launch, it has been shut down.
  • tax-tree

    Tax Tree

    Tax tree is a visualization solution for displaying and delving into budgetary data. The thickness of the roots displays income and the branches represent the use of funds. Tax tree has been developed by Peter Tattersall. Take a closer look:
  • kansan-muisti

    Kansan muisti

    Kansan muisti (tr. Nation's memory) collects and displays speeches of Members of Parliament and their voting records. The service is developed by Kansan muisti ry. Take a look:
  • nomen-est-omen

    Nomen est omen

    Nomen Est Omen web service allowed users to search for information about Finnish surnames. It reports a tongue-in-cheek assessment of the social standing of entered surnames, which are derived with the help of historical databases. The service was developed by FloApps. The service has been shut...