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Author: Heidi Enho, Onsight Helsinki Oy

  • espoon-asuntokuntien-lukumaaran-kehitys

    Espoon asuntokuntien lukumäärän kehitys

    Visualisoinnin avulla voi tarkastella Espoon asuntokuntien lukumääriä suuraluettain sekä kaupunginosittain henkilöluvun perusteella vuodesta 1979 alkaen.
  • espoon-vaesto-aidinkielen-mukaan

    Espoon väestö äidinkielen mukaan

    Visualisoinnin avulla voi tarkastella Espoon väestömääriä äidinkielen perusteella alueittain vuodesta 1999 alkaen.
  • vantaan-kaupungin-avoimet-tyopaikat-visualisoituna

    Vantaan kaupungin avoimet työpaikat visualisoituna

    This visualization displays all open jobs in the City of Vantaa, as well as their location on the map and number of jobs per professional field. The visualization also has a link to every open job description. The report reads the data from the City of Vantaa's API on a daily basis and the time...
  • hsl-n-nousijamaarat

    HSL:n nousijamäärät

    This visualization shows the number of HSL passengers by stop, according to ticket stamps. The numbers represent the average number of passengers during daytime in November 2015. When inspecting the number of passengers, be aware that the numbers do not represent the number of passengers on a...
  • px-web-tilastotietokannasta-power-bi-raportteja

    PX-Web -tilastotietokannasta Power BI -raportteja

    An instruction on how to edit PX-Web data into a visualized report. The data has been downloaded from PX-Web and edited with Power BI Desktop or Excel's Power Query tools. The video shows how to make and publish a simple Power BI visualization report. The Power BI example report has been made...
  • helsingin-liikennemaarat

    Helsingin liikennemäärät

    This visualization displays an Excel Power Map powered animation of the traffic volumes in Helsinki.
  • helsingin-pysakointivirheet

    Helsingin pysäköintivirheet

    During Jan-Feb of 2014 in Helsinki, there have been a total of 94 747 parking violations. 4 146 of these were warnings. From the data there are two visualizations: Helsinki parking violations on Excel 2013 Helsinki parking violation on Power Map 3D