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Showcases - City of Helsinki building (construction) register 6/2012

  • uusi-kannelmaki

    Uusi Kannelmäki

    A map visualization that portrays Kannelmäki - and other areas of Helsinki by combining various open data sources.
  • rakennettu-helsinki-1812-2012

    Rakennettu Helsinki 1812–2012

    Rakennettu Helsinki (tr. Built Helsinki) 1812–2012 is a visualization of all the buildings of Helsinki, each colored by the year it was built in. Lighter and yellower is newer. Click on a building to see it on StreetView. You can search for an address or district in the fields below.
  • building-a-metropolis

    Building a Metropolis

    The visualization shows all buildings in Helsinki and Espoo colour coded by age. Attention: Building a Metropolis is no longer available.
  • helsinki-by-age-in-google-maps

    Helsinki by Age in Google Maps

    This visualization powered by Google Maps provides the ages of buildings in Helsinki.
  • helsinki-ilmakuvina-1932-2012

    Helsinki ilmakuvina 1932–2012

    How has Helsinki developed throughout the last decades? Now you can see how your environment has been built beginning from 1932.
  • helsinki-by-age

    Helsinki by Age

    The visualization shows Helsinki's buildings coloured by age. Update 12/2017: Helsinki by Age has visualization has ended.
  • helsingin-kaupungin-rakennushankkeet-sovellus

    Helsingin kaupungin rakennushankkeet -sovellus

    A 3D-pdf of City of Helsinki's construction projects done with the FME application. Used datasets: Construction projects of City of Helsinki Construction register of City of Helsinki Background map from National Land Survey of Finland (license:...