Through the open REST interface on the website you can search for news, events, projects, electronic services, announcements and basic content documents.

The City of Espoo offers the Rest service, whose interface follows the oData specification.

At the website, you can search for data from the whole website, a specific navigation level or by some website classification. The interface covers all three language versions of the website (Finnish, Swedish, English). The search can be limited by content type. The search parameters are described in more detail in the attachment below provided in Finnish.

The data provided by the interfaces is Atom formatted xml by default. The data can also be extracted in JSON (with parameter $format=json) and JSONP format (with parameter $callback=functionname). The content character set is utf-8.

The interface returns the basic data of the contents. The same data is always returned for all different types of contents. For an event, however, values are provided for data EventStartDate and EventEndDate that always remain empty for the other content types.

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Administrator Espoon konserniesikunnan viestintä
Administrator's webpage
Published 13.03.2014
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Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
How to reference Source: service open API. The maintainer of the dataset is Espoon konserniesikunnan viestintä. The dataset has been downloaded from Helsinki Region Infoshare service on 20.06.2021 under the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
CC-BY-4.0 [Open Data]

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