Minecraft Helsinki3D+

Minecraft-Helsinki3D+ is a Minecraft-city model featuring the entire City of Helsinki, including it’s islands and even parts of the neighboring cities! Minecraft is a popular and well known, cube-based open-world game, where only creativity and imagination are the boundaries to your creations. The Minecraft-Helsinki3D+-model was generated by Pietari Niinimäki automatically from the 2015 Helsinki 3D mesh-model.

In the cube-shaped Helsinki, the side of a cube represents one meter in the real world. Minecraft-Helsinki3D+ functions as everyone’s playfield, so what would you build in Helsinki’s Market Square, or elsewhere around the South Harbour? What would be the urban oasis of your dreams?

When you open the model in Minecraft for the first time, the player is at the Railway Square.

There are two different versions of the Minecraft world available for the different game versions: Java and Bedrock. Download files here: https://3d.hel.ninja/data/minecraft/

Java is the “traditional” version of Minecraft, and you can install the world by unzipping Helsinki3D_MC_java.zip to your Minecraft-installation’s “saves”-folder. On Windows the path to this folder is %appData%/.minecraft/saves.

Bedrock is a version of Minecraft that is used by for example the Education Edition. If you use the Bedrock version of Minecraft, download Helsinki3D_MC_bedrock.mcworld and double click it. Alternatively you can download Helsinki3D_MC_bedrock.zip and unzip it to your Minecraft installation’s minecraftWorlds-folder.

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Published 28.04.2020
Updated 14.10.2021